NEOBIOSCIENCE was established in 2007, with the purpose of supplying the life science and medical communities with innovative laboratory research tools of the highest quality. NEOBIOSCIENCE is headquartered in Shenzhen, with operations in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Today NEOBIOSCIENCE product lines include over 200 different cytokine ELISA kits, Annexin V/PI apoptosis assay kit, Secondary antibodies and IHC kit,etc.
With ten years of fast development, NEOBIOSCIENCE has become the leading manufacturer of high quality ELISA kits in China, there are hundreds of publications citing the products, eg. NATURE, PNAS,etc. All the products listed on our website and in our catalog are produced at our laboratory in Shenzhen, China.
So we are pride of ourselves that we have been providing wide range of products to not only China, but also other countries or regions. Unparalleled service,  competitive prices, and strict quality control keep our customers returning, with well-trained staff members and sufficient production capacity, so we can ensure a wide range of services and products for our customers. We can also offer you OEM service, private label and customized services on all our products.